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Social Media Video

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Best for product simple marketing

With content marketing as the king nowadays, people need to see things that are easy on the eyes and the brain. It is easier for the brain to process visual content amidst a sea of text. To create heavier impacts to your audience, video marketing would be your super weapon, as videos are all the while being shared virally on medias compared to other content marketing materials.


Why use this service?

  • Over 80% of contents viewed online are videos!
  • This video captures attention in just few ten seconds!
  • Ideal for your everyday social media presence (keep posting and people will notice you)!
  • The cheapest price in market, guaranteed!
  • It's awesome and trendy to young gens!
  • It's only RM5 (even more affordable than your mamak lunch)!


To know more before engaging me?

Click "Chat Me" at this page to know more about how we can deal to have "custom order" and "special deal" or "discount" specially made for only you!



To thank you for supporting, every first time customer is entitled to "Buy 3 Free 1" or "10% Discount" applicable to any services provided by me. 

How to get the deal?

Just "Chat Me" and I will send you a "custom order" as your first time discount.


There's more!

By the way, I also have listed many other services here at www.once-life.com, and I'm most honoured if you proceed to click on my "Profile" and scroll down to see all other services I offer.



Terms and Conditions (Promo Code Deal):
1. The "Promo Code" entitles you to "50% Discount" on FIRST transaction.
2. This voucher is valid in 30 days from the issuance date. 
3. This gift voucher is only good for a SINGLE transaction
4. This gift voucher is NOT valid for any other promotion / combination with any other promotion.
5. The gift voucher only limited for "STANDARD PACKAGE" service only.
7. This gift voucher can be used only for the available service during redemption. Prior reservation is recommended.

Terms and Conditions (General):
1. The E-Vouchers can only be utilized at www.once-life.com.
2. The E-Vouchers cannot be redeemed in part value nor be exchanged for cash.
3. We are not responsible if a Gift Certificate is lost, stolen, destroyed or used without permission and no replacement will be provided in these circumstances.
4. Photocopies or duplicate vouchers will not be entertained, in the event of loss, the bearer of the voucher is responsible and no replacement will be given.
5. The E-Vouchers are authorised to www.once-life.com to reproduce in physical or digital format and to be distributed to any parties that deemed to be qualified.
6. Each of the E-Vouchers is only good for a single transaction.
7. All rights reserved.

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our packages




  • Simple 30 seconds slides video (NO revision offered) - but, always "Chat Me" for some special deal (maximum 10 videos available for purchase per customer only)




  • Slides video up to 1 minute (3 times of revision offered) Suitable for Social Media Marketing (FB, Instagram) Video eg.: 5 myths you never know which are real *"Buy 3 Free 1" or "10% Discount" for first time customer




  • Slides video up to 3 minutes (3 times of revision offered) Suitable for Social Media Marketing (FB, Instagram) Video eg.: My Valentine's Gift to You, Baby (your photo collage) *"Buy 3 Free 1" or "10% Discount" for first time customer

User Supporter

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    Despite the very attractive price, I was amazed by the quality of the work done: It's eye-catching unlike the regular slides you see everywhere. What makes it even better is that the delivery was so speedy! I literally waited for only 1 day since I placed the order until I received the video in good piece! Likey.